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PI: Suvi Ruuskanen, Academy research fellow, adjunct professor

University of Turku personal page



2015- present Academy research fellow, UTU

2012-2015      Academy post-doc, Netherlands Institute of Ecology and University of Groningen

2010-2012      post-doc, UTU

2007-2010      PhD, UTU

Bin-Yan Hsu, post-doc

Maternal thyroid hormones:function, evolution

Personal page at University of Turku


Tom Sarraude, PhD student

Causes and consequences of variation in thyroid-hormone mediated maternal effects 


Melanie Crombeque, MSc student: TH axis programming    (Uni Strasbourg, France)

Mark Verschuuren, MSc student: early-life enviroment and DNA methylation (Netherlands Institute of Ecology, NL)

Lotta Hollmen, Msc student: Genetic and environmental variation in gut microbiome (UTU)

Lyydia Leino, BSc student:  Glyphosate and microbiome (UTU)

Mikaela Hukkanen, Bsc student:  maternal CORT, TH and offspring metabolism (UTU)

Coline Marceau, visiting researcher: Origins of variation in mitochondria function (UTU)

Nina Cossin Sevrin, trainee/lab assistant: Maternal THs vs telomere dynamics (UTU)

Former group members:

Miia Rainio, post-doc

Hannu Mäkinen, post-doc

Chaminda Pradeep Ratnayake, post-doc

Nina Cossin Sevrin, MSc student

Maiju Uusitalo, MSc student

Piia Pajunen, MSc student

Päivi Kotitalo, MSc student

Cheyenne Pereira, MSc student

Ida Palmroos, BSc student

Luca Bousseau, BSc student

Thomas Rossille, intern

Axelle Delaynay, intern

Clea Frapin, Bsc student

Caroline Blanc, Bsc student

Malicia Besnard, student

Corisande Abiven, student/assistant

Sophia Carmosa, Bsc student

Robin Torregrosa, Bsc student

Cindy Lailler, BSc student

Florine Ceccantini, Bsc student

Antoine Stier, post-doc (Turku Collegium for Science and Medicine)

Maternal hormones, aging and mitochondrial function



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